The most proper title I can give myself is “product designer,” but I have experience with, enjoy and practice various design disciplines such as design research, service design, accessory design, and design management. Through my professional journey and years of study, my roles have spanned different industries such as sport and fitness, furniture, healthcare, lifestyle products and digital prototyping. I also have a passion for what I call “tinkering projects” - oftentimes, objects emerge that have little to no functional purpose, but rather illuminate some aspect (humorous or tragic) of our nature.
I love design because I love the human puzzle. I love design because it’s the means by which I make my mark. Good design has empathy at its heart, and I strive to practice this for myself and for humanity.
I thrive in an environment filled with people willing to share and eager to learn - people who don’t view differences as threats, but rather opportunities. I can follow or lead no matter the topic, so long as it helps us be more human.
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